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I come alive when I lead clients to planning their firm's growth. 


In almost twenty years in this industry I've seen it all. From the end of big federal spending to the crash of 2007 – I know the industry landscape like the back of my hand. A/E firms are getting creative to win work and I help my clients stand out in the modern marketplace.


Streamlining proposals is my bread and butter: Let me step in to save the sanity of your technical crew (keeping them focused on billable hours). I know your clients, their areas of concern and the nuances of each submittal. My final product will follow the RFP, answer their questions and make sure your quals shine through on every page!


I’m well acquainted with all the players: the clients, the primes and the subs. With my experience, and connections, I am able to cultivate meaningful relationships with dream clients and can read through the lines on an RFP. 

Let's get strategic: How will your firm grow in the next three to five years? Where is money being spent and who is investing in the big projects? I will help you figure out the whos, whats and hows in a step-by-step recipe. Together we will outline your growth to take your firm to the next level and increase your backlog. 


Learn more about my professional path on LinkedIn.

Melanie Vracas, Principal

"Melanie has consistently produced superior deliverables for responses to RFPs and presentations that have made our team stand out and win us work."

Team Members

Em Hall head shot.jpg

Em Hall

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Em is an award-winning marketer and a PhD Candidate in Urban Planning. Her dissertation research focuses on public-private partnerships (P3s) in public transit projects in the US. With an extensive background in content creation and communications, Em is able to translate complex issues in the AEC space and make them readily understandable for diverse audiences and constituencies.

Stacy Kleber Jensen.jpeg

Stacy Kleber Jensen

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Stacy has a passion for design and business, and loves helping companies build their brands, and find their voice. She works with firms to create everything from logo design to infographics to a full suite of collateral. Stacy helps Cakewalk clients take their image to the next level while ensuring consistency in their brand.

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