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Successful firms aren’t a profitable accident.


Each proposal won, every innovation implemented and any process streamlined. It's all based on a juxtaposition of strategy, savvy and know how. Great partnerships stack the deck in your favor. Onboard an industry insider (Cakewalk!) to help negotiate the dynamic playing field without leaning too hard on in-house resources.


Each firm wants to discover the best ways to manage data, gain the right client work and find the perfect teaming partners. They dream of a step-by-step recipe that will walk them through the how-to of winning their dream projects.  But who has time to do all the research alone?


Melanie Vracas is an accomplished  business development and marketing professional with expertise in crafting successful messaging for firms of various sizes and profiles. She has the ability to leverage and integrate initiatives to build awareness and profitable business growth. 

Go/No Go

In the AEC space, there’s a mentality that any opportunity is an opportunity worth pursuing, particularly if a firm has been invited to the process by the potential client. In other words, it’s all go, and never no-go.


Most successful firms have developed a healthy culture around saying no. They do so graciously and strategically, knowing that clients and owners will respect their team’s ability to honestly assess a project and determine it’s not a fit. In my experience clients and owners will respect you MORE for having the integrity to decline when the project isn’t right for your team.


I understand the hesitation. There is a real fear of losing work to a competitor and worrying that a client is gone forever. But when you’re playing the long game, and building a pipeline of potential projects for which your firm is best suited for, odds are that that “lost” client will find their way to you again.


Examine your resources, be frank about your capacity, and act prudently about what you pursue.  Your team will thank you, and the right work will be there. Because this is a constantly recurring topic in our industry, I’ve developed a template that can help your team make better, more informed decisions around pursuits. 


Your opportunity, our know-how and experience.


The old school ways of creating winning responses, to the RFPs, aren’t enough anymore. The industry is constantly evolving. You have the right team, ideas and resources to stand out from the crowd and be successful. Successful firms must tell a compelling story. They draw the irrefutable conclusion that their firm aligns seamlessly with the client’s needs. We help you tell that story and win the work.


Let's start chapter one!

"Melanie manages details like no one I know. Always with a smile, she is quick to grasp the situation, quick to get the big picture, parse it into assignments and clearly see what a successful conclusion looks like."
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