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When it comes to building, growing and marketing your firm, Cakewalk Strategies steps in as your partner.


Part marketing pro and part strategic planner, we understand the nuances and niches in leading your firm. You need a strong story, a solid plan and an entrepreneurial mindset to win the right bids and work with the best people.


It’s our job to achieve big wins all around. Our long-term business planning helps you define your north star and retrofit a play-by-play to get you there. We’re relentless in our proposal pursuits – interpreting your story and building a plan with you at the center. It all comes full circle when we focus on grooming your next generation of leadership - that’s what succession planning is all about.


Here are some of our favorite things: well-worded proposals, compelling research, tailored go/no-go decision-making, thoughtful storytelling and a solid plan for the future. We’re all about staying relevant in the industry and building a community.


We believe if you buy better you buy less. As your partner, we help you focus your marketing dollars in key areas. If you invest strategically, you’ll always come out ahead. We also work with your team to make sure your system is streamlined and not wasting time or money.


Don't worry, your secret ingredients are safe.


Cakewalk Strategies, LLC will not share any firm's proposal materials. We will not show submissions as part of portfolio pieces nor will we share any documents outside of the dedicated submittal team. A nondisclosure agreement is a part of every contract.


Let’s start the conversation!

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