where is your firm headed

Successful firms aren’t a profitable accident.


Each proposal won, every innovation implemented any process streamlined. It's all based on a juxtaposition of strategy, savvy and know how. Great partnerships stack the deck in your favor. Onboard an industry insider (Cakewalk!) to help negotiate the dynamic playing field without leaning too hard on in-house resources.

Proposal Pursuit

Your opportunity, our know-how and experience.

The old school ways of creating winning responses, to the RFPs, aren’t enough anymore. The industry has changed. You have the right team, ideas and resources to stand out from the crowd and be successful. Successful firms have to tell a compelling story. They draw the irrefutable conclusion that their firm aligns seamlessly with the client’s needs. We help you tell that story and win the work.


Let's start chapter one!


Long-term Business Strategic Planning

It's all about the three-to-five year plan.

We'll review where you’ve been, where you are and where you want to go (you will be encouraged to dream BIG). How deep is your backlog? Do we need to win more immediate work? Where is the money being spent and how do we get you there? How do we work your existing portfolio to tell the right story so you can branch into a new sector?


We collaborate on the best course of action to get you partnering with the right contractors. Align yourself with projects that are uniquely you and increase your win rate in a competitive field. It’s not our practice to simply hand you the blueprint and say “walk on”. Cakewalk will be your partner in cultivating a sustainable relationship that grows with you.


Stay out of stasis. 

Succession Planning

Grooming the next generation of leadership.

Ever wonder who are the up-and-coming seller/doers in your firm? Too often we’re so underwater with work we forget to plan for the future. Without training, mentorship and a master plan, project managers stay PMs, VPs stay out of the C-Suite and principals stay in the office. Groom your firm’s future with a strategic plan for growing the business. Forming your organization in your extraordinary vision is more than just streamlined systems, bigger contracts and an improved work flow. It’s building an entity that can be flexible enough to change with the rapidly-evolving marketplace, yet strong enough to be in it for the long haul. 

"Melanie helped our firm for quite  some time and has valuable  insight in the industry.
 She helped push our firm in  more strategic thinking and ways  of doing things beneficial, and  cost effective, to the firm."

Don't worry, your secret ingredients are safe.


Cakewalk Strategies, LLC will not share any firm's proposal materials. We will not show submissions as part of portfolio pieces nor will we share any documents outside of the dedicated submittal team. A nondisclosure agreement is a part of every contract.